Add and Accept Apple Pay on Your E-commerce Store

Apple Pay Web Ecommerce Shopify

Apple Pay is finally coming to the web.  Considered a major step into Paypal’s territory, Apple is targeted to own the web payments market starting on the Mac with potential plans to open it up on other platforms such as Windows.

Initial partnered merchants include Nike, Adidas, Topman, Groupon, kickstarter, sephora, target, expedia, gamestop, jet, gilt, staples, seamless, grubhub, and many more.

apply pay web

Apple Pay rolls out in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, with Switzerland, France, and Hong Kong on the not too distant horizon.


  • Uses Touch ID from a paired iPhone or Apple Watch to authenticate your purchases via Apple Pay instead of Paypal or filling out your credit card details.
  • “Pay with Apple Pay” button will start showing up on partnered websites.
  • Shopify integration coming soon.

[image via macrumors]

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